Squeeze Your Stress Away

I’m a full time mom doing part time home-based gift business and occasionally doing artwork for my homemade gift or artwork for church.

Stress is inevitable whether you are a student, working mom or housewife. One sure way I go through my stressful days is by crocheting (apart from praying). The repetitive action of crochet distracts me from whatever issues I had at the moment.

Nowadays, it seems everybody is stressed out.

A more easy quick way is to use a stress ball. The act of squeezing and stretching stress ball somehow ease you. You can also use these stress ball for your kids as well.
Find out how to make one here.

Have fun!

Happy Homemaker Monday – 13th March 2017

The weather: It’s getting hot these few days.

On my reading pile: Deep calls to Deep – Going Further in Prayer. Days have been hectic so only manage to read a few pages from last week.

On my TV: Trying to cut back on these. In fact, my husband and I was thinking we should terminate our cable tv but I’ll be wanting to spend my weekends watching movies.

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog):Haven’t had time for this yet.

On my to do list: (for this week)

  1. Got to be updating my blog.
  2. Preparation for the church’s Gawai/Kaamatan (harvest festival) on May.

In the craft basket: Starting with this infant-size crochet dress.

Bible verse, Devotional: Your life on Christ makes you strong and his love comforts you. You have fellowship with the Spirit, and you have kindness and compassion for one another.    Phillippians 2:1

Good day everyone and may God bless us on this lovely month of March!

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Happy Homemaker Monday – 6th March 2017

The weather: Sunny and humid.

On my reading pile: Deep calls to Deep – Going Further in Prayer. This is the Lenten season so I’ll be reading this book as I only manage to read it halfway last time.

On my TV: Monday afternoon, got to be Filipinos telenovela. I tried not to watch cable tv, all those movie channel anymore so the only thing I watch is the weekdays afternoon telenovela.

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog): Haven’t had time for this yet.

On my to do list: (for this week)

  1. Got to be updating my blog.
  2. Preparation for the church’s Gawai/Kaamatan (harvest festival) on May.
  3. Last week was crochet week so this week is a mug design week.

In the craft basket: Finishing touch of this adorable(!) crochet dress.

Bible verse, Devotional: But God has shown us how much he loves us – it was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us!  Romans 5:8

Good day everyone and may God bless us on this lovely month of March!

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Of Lifestyle and Fertility

One of my favorite fruit/vegetable juice has to be beetroot juice. I blend whatever I have in my fridge but basically my recipe for beetroot juice is;

  • Quarter of beetroot
  • Celery
  • 1 frozen banana (makes every fruit or vegetable juice you make sweet)
  • Quarter of cucumber
  • Bunch of mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil










My second favorite juice got to be a combination of these;

  • Bunch of spinach leaves
  • 2 pears or apples
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil

I swear you won’t taste the spinach. It’s wiser to used blender as to not waste all that lovely pulp.








Just a quick ranting here….

I have been trying to conceive for years now. I have gone through all the test needed to check on my uterus and the test was normal. Went to a couple of treatment but still  not pregnant. And I know part of it because of my nutrition and lifestyle.

So this year maybe I’ll make some adjustment in what I eat cause I believe it’s one of the factors affecting fertility.

So one of my 2017 resolution is to start eat healthy from now on. Eat right and you’ll get there!

Homemade Remedy for Cough

I had these terrible itchy cough that keep on getting worse these few days. It would get worse during the night. I hate eating medicine especially cough syrup. I would feel sleepy the whole day. Even if I consume the non-drowsy cough syrup, for some reason, I would finish one bottle of medicine and still cough like crazy.

I saw these homemade remedy for coughing on the internet and thought I give it a try.

Basically you just mix slices of lemon into the honey.  So you will be only needing these two ingredients;  1 lemon and a cup of honey.

Place lemon slice in a glass jar or a mason jar and pour honey until the jar is full. Leave overnight in the refrigerator and take one spoonful when required. Or even you can take it by mixing with warm water.

I got to say I found out that my cough will subside during the day. You have to consume this homemade remedy for about 2-3 days for it to show effects.

I did give this homemade cough syrup to my 6 yo. He was having this dry nonstop cough when we had a month long haze right here in Penang. We would come home one day and by evening he would have this really bad cough. Went out to the pharmacy and buy the most expensive honey I could find (it was raw honey and it was imported from somewhere…) and get home. I give my son a spoonful of honey mix with a few drops of lemon and by midnight the cough’s gone.

So I think this homemade remedy works. But consume with caution. Honey is not suitable for babies below 1 year old.

Enough of my rantings! Try it yourself!

Ban Heang, Penang Famous Cookie Shop

Since I was busy with preparing Christmas celebration at church I haven’t had time to go shopping for souvenir to bring home this year.

So I only bought biscuits at the famous cookie shop, Ban Heang at the airport.

Omelette Crisp – Pandan Flavor Rm7.50

6 pieces individually wrapped omelette crisp.

Kai Chai Biscuits – Rm5.20

Durian Crisp – Rm8.50

The Ben Franklin Effect

What are some psychological facts that people don’t know? by Matt Schlenker https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-psychological-facts-that-people-dont-know-1/answer/Matt-Schlenker?srid=hnpsX&share=2f41aca4

Remember this dude? Princely, diplomatic gentleman with those lush steely locks? The smoothest social badass of his time? Ringing any bells?

Ben Franklin unlocked the secret to getting other people to like you. Most of us have been conditioned to think that the way to get someone to like us is by doing nice little favors for them, thereby demonstrating that we are a thoughtful and dependable person. Old Benji thought differently.

Franklin once had a very powerful political rival who was hellbent on making his life miserable. Franklin knew that it would be beneficial to have this man on his side, but instead of groveling for his approval, he took a counter-intuitive approach. He knew his rival was in possession of a very rare and valuable book, and simply asked him to borrow it. After a few days, he returned it with a thank you note and, surprisingly, his rival became his friend.

What Franklin tapped into is a well-known psychological principle known as cognitive dissonance. Basically, cognitive dissonance is the tension that results from having two contradictory beliefs in our mind at the same time. This stress is uncomfortable, so we automatically alter one of our beliefs to conform with the other to resolve this conflict.

In the case of Franklin, his rival held the belief: “I do not like Benjamin Franklin.” Upon doing him the favor, however, he was forced to come to terms with another belief: “It’s a pain in the ass to do favors for other people, so I only do favors for people I like.” These two beliefs are in conflict, and since he cannot un-loan the book, he was forced to soften and eventually reverse his ill-will towards Franklin.

The secret of the Benjamin Franklin effect is this: If you want people to like you, ask them to do favors for you.